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Okinawa Wellness Bowl

with brown rice & seaweed

Okinawa Wellness Bowl uses simple vegetables and umami flavours to comfort and feed your soul. A bit like Okinawa itself – a way to find stillness, peace, and reflection.

Wellness Bowl creator Robyn says:

“My mother is Japanese so I drew on some of my own cultural food memories for inspiration.  Rice broth was always a dish my mum would cook as it was a gentle and comforting food. Full of simple and authentic ingredients like brown rice, tofu, shiitake mushrooms and wood ear, the Okinawa Wellness Bowl helps to keep you nourished from the inside out.”

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California Wellness Bowl

with red lentils & ginger

Our California Wellness Bowl is a hearty mix of red lentils, beans, vegetables, and spices inspired by the freedom of the coast, Big Sur, and the wellness movement.

Robyn explains:

“California Wellness Bowl was inspired by a recipe that was developed to nourish the body after yoga and its simplicity and ingredients really communicated a sense of wellbeing.”

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North Indian Wellness Bowl

with cauliflower & turmeric

North Indian Wellness Bowl was inspired by an Ayurvedic recipe, mindfulness, and being considerate of what you put into your body. The combination of brown rice, moong dahl, cauliflower, white quinoa and turmeric help to nourish and protect.

Robyn explains:

“The North Indian Wellness Bowl is inspired by Kitchari and was something that I regularly made to help calm my body and mind. I would bring it for lunch to share with workmates and they would share with me their family recipes for Kitchari as it’s known as a traditional Indian comfort food to eat when you are feeling unwell.”

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