Meet the grower

Meet the grower: Mark Reeves

Canterbury Mushroom Soup


A rich mix of Portobello and button mushrooms from the dark and loamy soils of the Canterbury Plains with a creamy dab of Mascarpone and the delicate addition of thyme. This soup, packed full of fresh earthy flavour from fresh Canterbury mushrooms will delight your taste buds.

Mark Reeves is a Compost Production Manager at Meadow Mushrooms, suppliers of the delicious mushrooms we use in our Canterbury Mushroom Soup.

Where did your love for farming begin?
I remember cycling past the Meadow Mushrooms farm in Prebbleton and something just drew me in. I think I just wanted to see how the mushrooms grew. I have been here for 32 years now!

What signifies a good quality mushroom?
A pure white cap, fresh and with a clean and a perfect round shape. Also, the smell, it’s like walking through a forest on a fine autumn morning after a rainfall.

What’s the secret to harvesting a successful crop?
For us it is the attention to detail and being hands on. We use good quality raw materials and having a passion for the feel of mushroom growing.

For people that haven’t visited Canterbury, can you tell us why it’s so special?
It is the Canterbury Plains, from the hills and mountains to the beaches and bays. You can ski in the morning and then kayak in the afternoon, all with a tramp or mountain bike in between.

Why would you recommend buying local produce?
We are a small group of islands with not many neighbours to rely on, so we should make a point to support ourselves and buy where we can.

Favourite and least favourite vegetable?
Favourites are sweeter ones like corn, peas, tomatoes, peppers and of course mushrooms. Although tomatoes and mushrooms are not vegetables. I eat most things, or at least will give them a try.