Meet the grower

Meet the grower: David Oudes

East Coast Sunshine Pumpkin


The newest soup in our range, pumpkin is the hero ingredient for this delicious Sunshine Pumpkin Soup, packed full of pumpkin, kumara, and naturally sweetened with apple. The geography of the area means the soil is friable and drains freely, it’s also packed full of nutrients, ideal for growing hearty, healthy pumpkins. David Oudes is Agronomy Manager at Cedenco, suppliers of our pumpkins. We asked him a few questions about life on the pumpkin farm.

Where did your love for farming begin?
From high school, went to a farming college & on to a horticultural cadetship learning how to produce good fresh fruit & vegetables.

For first timers that might like to start grown their own veggies what are some top tips on getting started?
Start with a small planter box or small patch of garden, plant an easy to grow vegetable. Feed it and water it.

What are the five pillars of farming for successful crops?
Water, sunshine, plant nutrients, free draining soils, monitor crop & keep crop free of any pests & diseases.

For people that haven’t visited the East Coast, can you tell us why it’s so special?
Culturally it’s an incredibly important region of New Zealand, it’s also the first part of the world to see the sun every day. I love the beaches that are great for walking, surfing, swimming and fishing. But what makes it even better is the sunshine, there’s plenty of it. Temperatures are warm, rainfall regular and the soil is fertile – perfect for growing pumpkins!

Why would you recommend buying local produce?
Local produce is always fresher because it’s locally grown. It’s doesn’t have far to travel so you know it’s been recently harvested. It’s also great to know where your food comes from and that you’re supporting New Zealand farmers.

Favourite and least favourite vegetable?
My favourite is sweet corn, I don’t have a least favourite.