Supporting Sustainable Farming

It isn’t enough anymore just to serve good food. Today you have to pay as much attention to where the food came from, and whether it was properly cared for while it was still in the ground. This is not just a food thing. It is a way of life thing and we feel fortunate to be able to make what we do and feel good about it as well.

Over two thirds of the three billion people who live in poverty currently rely on small-scale agriculture for their food and wages. Oxfam’s livelihoods programme seeks to help people in poverty have a sustainable livelihood, including making a decent living, living in a safe environment, with adequate housing, clean water, and sufficient food.

Oxfam supports small-scale farmers in the Pacific and Southeast Asia to increase their productivity through investment and sustainable techniques. Oxfam provides support for improved farming practices, better crop yields, and the organisation of producers into effective and accountable associations. A key to creating opportunities is to add value to commodities through processing, organic certification and fair trade. Oxfam provides the partnership, training, technical assistance, capacity development, market links and financial help to make this happen.

It’s about creating reliable and permanent sources of food, income and employment. Secure livelihoods mean a secure future for people and their families, and the chance to live with hope, rather than fear for the future.

We know you appreciate every extra effort we make – and that makes it worth it for us.

For us it is a long-term commitment to do as much good in the making of our foods as in the eating.

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